5 hardest things to pack during a move

When moving, many people seriously underestimate how much time packing can take up. Aside from the numerous dishes, books, and clothes you will have to pack, there are certain items which can be problematic to pack. You need to be aware of them so you can come up with a packing plan for the items.

1. Your Pets

Moving pets usually isn’t as simple as putting them in the car and driving them to your new home. You will need to make sure you set aside a box of pet supplies like food and water, will want to keep some of their pet toys handy, and take pets to the vet for checkups and regular vaccinations before the move. If you have an aquarium or terrarium, this will be especially difficult to move.

2. Plants

Most moving companies won’t move plants, especially for interstate moves (due to state agricultural laws). This means you will probably have to find room for the plants in your own vehicle. The move can be difficult on plants and they might die from the stress. Make sure to prepare plants for the move well in advance, such as re potting them in plastic planters, applying pesticides, or pruning.

3. Flat Screen TVs

Hopefully you saved the box for your flat-screen TV. If not, then you will want to buy a special TV packing kit for moving to keep the TV safe from damage. The TV should ideally be packed so it is upright in the moving truck and not laying flat. See if you can sandwich the flat-screen TV between two mattresses in the truck to keep it safe. A good moving company will know some tricks, like carefully using straps, to ensure your flat-screen TV doesn’t get damaged during the move.

4. Piano

Pianos aren’t just incredibly heavy, but they are bulky and may be very valuable. Depending on the size of the piano, you might even need a special crane or piano dolly to move it – such as to lift it out of a window (needing to remove the window first!). For this reason, many moving companies won’t move pianos and you will have to hire a special service for piano moving.

5. Framed Objects

Don’t overlook how many framed objects you have in your home, such as mirrors and artwork. These items may require special picture boxes which are flat and adjustable. You may also want to buy corner protectors for the framed objects, as well as ample tissue paper and bubble wrap.

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