How to get your new house set-up before you moving?

There is so much to do when moving out of your home, that it is easy to forget about all the things you need to do to move in to your new home. Here are some tips about how to get your house set up so it is ready for you when you move in.

Have It Inspected

Whether you are renting or buying, you will need to have the new home inspected before you move in. Otherwise, you might be shocked to discover problems like leaky faucets, clogged drains, or shoddy electrical work. Make sure that this is all resolved before you move in. Your landlord should take care of this for you beforehand. Or, for smaller problems, the landlord might give you the number of a maintenance person to call once you are moved in.


The new apartment or house might have been clean when you went to look at it, but chances are that it hasn’t been cleaned again since you signed the dotted line. It will be a LOT harder to clean the new place once your belongings are in it, so get it cleaned before you move in. If possible, go over yourself before moving day to clean. If you are moving long distance, you might consider hiring a professional cleaner to go over and clean everything for you. Your landlord or realtor should be able to provide the cleaning company with the keys.

Turn On Utilities

You’d be surprised how many people forget to turn on the utilities before moving in. It is generally best to contact the new service provides 2 weeks in advance to make sure they have time to get the utilities turned on (though most can have them on in 3-5 days).

Also, don’t forget to turn off the utilities in your old place or you will be paying for the new occupants’ usage!

To have utilities put in your name, you will first need to have a credit check. If your credit rating is bad, then expect to pay a very high security deposit.

Paint the Walls

If your new place isn’t in the best condition, then you might want to paint, wallpaper, or do other minor renovations. This will be much easier when the new home is empty. So, try to get in there before moving day to get this all done.

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