How to give notice that you are moving out?

Had enough of your apartment and want to get out? Or maybe you got a great job offer in another city. Whatever your reason for moving out, you are required to give your landlord notice. Make sure you do it right or you could end up being forced to pay for an additional month’s rent!

Check your lease

Hopefully you are already familiar with your lease. If not, now is the time to read it over. You are specifically looking for the terms about giving notice. Most landlords require at least 30 to 60 days notice that you are moving out.

Determine move-out date

There is a reason that moving companies are busiest at the end of the month. Most leases specify that you must leave at the end of the tenancy, which falls on the last day of the month. If you want to move in the middle of the month, you are going to have to pay rent for the entire month.

Note that you MUST leave on the date which you write in the notice. If you write that you are going to leave on the 20th, but then discover that you need to stay a few more days, the landlord can legally evict you. Choose your dates carefully!

How to Give Notice

The proper legal way to give notice to your landlord that you are moving out is to write a letter. Make two copies of the letter: one for your records and one for the landlord. You can fax the letter, mail it, or deliver it in person. If mailing the letter, have the post office give you a receipt. If you deliver the letter in person, have the landlord sign and date your copy.

When Does Notice Start?

Let’s say that you are required to give 30 day’s notice of moving out. You want to leave on January 31st. So, giving notice on January 1st should be enough – right? Not necessarily. Notice typically starts on the day after you give notice and ends on termination date. Or, with notice sent by mail, it starts on the 6th day after you mailed the letter. Check your lease for specific details though! You want to make sure you get the dates right. If you are even one day late with your calculations, you will legally owe your landlord money for the next month’s rent!

What to Write in the Moving Out Notice

Giving notice to your landlord doesn’t require any lengthy letter or legal jargon. You just need to make sure you include the following information:
• Address of the place you are moving out of
• Termination date (date you are moving)
• Your signature
• The date you signed the notice

You are not required to say why you are moving. However, if you want to use your landlord as a reference for future rentals, it is a good idea to keep things friendly and courteous and write a couple of sentences explaining why you are moving out.

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