Guide to staying organized during your move!

If you’ve ever moved before, then you have an idea of what you are in for: stacks of forms to fill out, mountains of boxes overtaking your home, sudden expenses showing up out of thin air, and general chaos at every turn. Contrary to what you may have heard, it is possible to stay organized during a move. Just follow this guide.

1. Get Rid of As Much As Possible – And Start Early!

Do you really want all that old junk you have to liter up your new place as well? Get rid of it! Throwing out your belongings can be emotional, so don’t try to do it all at once. As soon as you find out you are moving, start cleaning and organizing the rooms in your home and getting rid of anything you don’t use or need.

2. Buy New Boxes

With so many moving expenses to pay, you probably don’t want to add boxes to the list. However, buying moving boxes instead of scouting out all the local supermarket dumpsters will make your life easier. When you put a value on your time, buying boxes will probably be cheaper than finding free boxes. Plus, your belongings won’t end up smelling like old cabbage.

3. Pack By Room

Don’t mix and match items from different rooms in one box. It will make unpacking a nightmare and you will never be able to find anything.

4. Label All Boxes

Take the time to label every single box. Buy some professional moving box labels online or at your local office supply store. Assign each box a different colored label and it will be easier for the movers to unload the boxes in their right room.

5. Utilize Your Smart Phone

There are dozens of great apps to help you move, such as moving checklists, change of address apps, and floor design apps for figuring out where the furniture in your new home will go.

6. Make Checklists

You will want to make a super-detailed checklist of all the things you need to do. There are plenty of these you can download online. There are also many ways of going about making a checklist, such as by time (3 months before move, 1 month before move, 1 week, moving day…). You might also want to make individual checklists for the following tasks as they can be complex:
• Packing
• Utilities (turning off in old home and turning on in new home)
• Change of Address
• Moving day

7. Enlist Help

You will be a lot less stressed if you enlist help for the move. Don’t hesitate to ask for help for things like having the neighbors watch the dog on moving day, having friends help you with the garage sale, or having other friends help you pack. Just being around your friends will help reduce some of the stress and make everything go smoother!

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