How to make a moving packing plan?

If you’ve ever moved before, then you know that packing can be a real nightmare. It can takes days to complete. If you start early to reduce the workload (and stress), you will probably pack up items you need and then have to dig through boxes later on in order to find that item – only then to have to repack the same boxes again. Here are some tips on how to make a packing plan for moving so you reduce stress and the workload.

Start by taking inventory

As soon as you find out you are moving, you should take an inventory of your belongings. You don’t have to list every single item, but should make general notes such as “Holiday decorations”, “Bedding” and “Old Baby Clothes”. Note, with valuable items, you should list individual items.

Note items which are tough to pack

While taking inventory, make note of any items which are going to be tough to pack. This will probably include lamps and lamp shades, framed items, fragile items, and antiques. You will need to come up with a plan for packing these items and obtain special packing materials for them. You might even need to get custom crating for some fragile, valuable items like chandeliers.

Make a packing timeline

Once you have an idea of how much stuff you have to pack, you can create a packing timeline. The timelines should include ample time for tasks like:
• Sorting items
• Selling items
• Disposing of unwanted items
• Packing seasonal items that you won’t need anytime soon
• Packing items that you don’t use often
• Packing items that you use often
• Packing items that you will need right away in your new home

Everyone’s packing timeline is going to look a bit different. However, you can generally expect your packing timeline for moving to look a bit like this:

2-3 months before moving

• Take inventory of items
• Make plans for difficult-to-pack items
• Sort out items for donation, sale, or trash
• List items you will be selling

1-2 months before moving

• Have garage sale and get rid of any items you won’t be taking with you
• Pack up seasonal items that you don’t need

2 weeks before moving

• Start packing items you don’t use often

1 week before moving

• Pack all items except essentials

3 days before moving

• Pack “survival bag” for first few days in new home
• Pack all items except for a few changes of clothes, bedding, and a few basic cooking supplies

Night before and day of moving

• Pack bedding and any remaining essential items; label as “open first”

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