How to pack books when moving?

If you are a reader, then you probably have accumulated a lot of books over the years. By following these steps, you can safely and easily pack your books for your move.

1. Sort through Books

If you are moving a long distance and/or are being charged by weight for your move, you might want to get rid of some of your books before moving. Here are some ideas of how you can get rid of your books:
•Craigslist Ads: Put an ad on sites like Craigslist that you are selling or giving away your books. This is especially good for college textbooks which are still in use.
•Ask Friends: Before you move, have friends come over and invite them to peruse your bookshelves and take any books they want.
•Donations: You can bring your old unwanted books to places like the Salvation Army.
•Switch to eBooks: If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of a book, check to see if an electronic version is available and buy it to read on a device like Kindle.

2. Get the Right Boxes

When packing books, it is really important that you have a sturdy box to put them in. You should generally only use brand-new boxes to pack books. If you do decide to use used boxes for packing books (such as boxes you get from your local grocery store), make sure the boxes are strong, dry, and free of mildew or other debris. Remember that books get heavy fast so you will want to pack them in smaller boxes!

3. Arrange Books by Type and Size

Put your paperback books together and your hardcover books together. Then group them by height. This will make it easier to fit them into your boxes without creating lots of empty space.

4. Wrap Valuable Books

Rare books and books like photo albums should be individually wrapped in white tissue paper or bubble wrap before you pack them.

5. Packing the Books

Books can be packed so they lay flat or are standing up (like on a bookshelf). If you choose to pack your hardback books so they are standing, make sure that the spine is downwards and the paper edges are upwards. Otherwise, the cover and pages could warp.

6. Fill in Empty Space

To prevent books from wiggling around in the box, fill in any empty space with bubble wrap or wads of newspaper.

7. Optional Silica Gel Packet

If you have valuable books or your books will be in storage for a long time, you may want to put a silica gel packet in with them. First cover up the books with a sheet of tissue paper and then place the gel packet on top of this paper (not directly on the books).

8. Seal and Label

Use packing tape to close the box. Remember that you should always label boxes with the room they go in as well as their content!

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