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Are you Moving? There’s so much to think about it can seem overwhelming! But don’t worry, early planning and a little bit of organization will make your move stress-free and easy! The expert moving team at Quality Dallas Movers is always thinking up ways to make your life easier and we’ve included their Top 10 Tips to Stress-Free Moving below. Check it out and when you’re ready to make a move, call us for an appointment!

1. Get Organized with a checklist: This web page is a great start. Having everything you need to do clearly laid out on paper in front of you will help tremendously in making sure nothing forgotten. Every situation is unique so don’t necessarily only use a checklist you find online. Make sure that you have clear dates and plans to disconnect your utilities in sync with your relocation.

2 Yard Sale: Nothing adds expense to a move quite like old unnecessary items. Before calling the moving company, take a sweep through your home and get rid of old or usefulness belongings that are cluttering your life. It will reduce the time spent packing and make you feel better too. Several organizations take donations for a tax reduction and some, like Goodwill Industries, arrange truck pickup at your home for larger items

3 Get Packing Supplies Ahead of Time: Nothing’s worse than having to scavenge boxes last minute. A great place to start looking are department stores, supermarkets and liquor stores since they often have large quantities of boxes that get thrown away. If all that scavenging seems like a waste of time to you, talk to us about our Full-Service moves, which include packing, all materials and even unpacking at your new property.

4. Prioritize your Packing: Of course it’s smart to not save all the packing for one or two days. Equally important however, is knowing when to pack what. Less used rooms in your home like a dining room or linen closet can be packed weeks in advance without much noticeable impact on your life. On the other hand, if you pack up your bathroom supplies too early, you might find yourself digging through boxes to find your toothbrush!

5. Get more wrapping paper and tape than you think you’ll need: Believe us, wrapping paper and tape disappear quickly, especially when packing fragile items like glassware and electronics. Make sure to use only clear packing tape designed for cardboard boxes and have lots of bubble wrap laying around to protect those fragile items!

6. Label! A few sharpies are completely warranted for this tip. Make sure you label everything inside a box. Nothing’s worse than having to open every single box to find one thing. With proper labeling, your movers will know which boxes to move where and when to be more careful with a box of fragile items.

7. Heavy Stuff In Small Boxes. Light Stuff in Big Boxes. You’ll be amazed to feel how quickly a few books’ weight add up when moving. Try not to put lots of heavy things together in a box. Spread that weight through several smaller boxes and save your back! (Our movers will appreciate it too).

8. Have a plan for moving day and backup. If you’re planning on packing up on your own, it helps to have a few friends there to do some heavy lifting. Make sure you have enough food and drink out to keep you fueled and a backup plan if no one shows up to help. Clear your schedule on moving day. Having everything packed up and ready to go will make this process much, much easier.

9. Hire a sitter. Whether it’s a child or a pet, having little ones underfoot makes the moving process exasperating. Kids that can’t help, will get in the way as will Sparky. It can even be dangerous when heavy boxes, sharp furniture corners and bulky items come into play. Trust us here and get someone to watch the kids and pets.